‘I couldn’t decide what she wanted for lunch, let alone health care’.

It’s Thanksgiving Day and you’re stuffed with turkey and a sense of well-being. Surreptitiously loosening your belt while sipping your pumpkin spice coffee, you nod in a tryptophan stupor when dad says he’s got something on his mind.

“I’m not sure how to put this, guys, but I’ve been thinking a lot about death recently,” he begins. He raises his hand to halt your concerned murmurs. “No, everything’s fine. I feel great. Don’t worry. But because I feel great, I want to talk about what I’d like to happen when I reach the home stretch.”

It’s an inevitable, inescapable finish line, but no one likes to talk about their own death. The Conversation Project, a grassroots nonprofit, is attempting to change that culture of denial and open up the topic for discussion.

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