Our Proprietary “So What?” Process: Creating Emotional Connections Between People and Purpose

Cause marketing and public relations has evolved beyond promoting a good cause. Consumers seek deeper connections with brands, and they actively participate in shaping brand reputation. Answering “so what?” digs below the cause to define the because, and align messaging internally – within all levels of an organization, and externally – to consumers, communities, investors, and the media.
Consistency, Authenticity, Transparency

Our experience as reporters and producers combined with years of nonprofit public relations has enabled us to identify the most meaningful elements of a client’s story, mission and achievements. We are trained to dig deeper, and get to the “So What?” We can then develop because messaging, and build meaningful campaigns that earn media and consumer attention.

So often, we see disjointed organizational communication. Message alignment is challenging. We live in a world where the power of a brand’s reputation is held in many hands. This can create internal confusion and fear, resulting in over-sharing, paralysis, and/or inauthentic “canned” messaging.

Teak’s goal, as partners and change agents, is to guide clients away from reactionary communication behavior by providing the framework to develop consistent, authentic and transparent brand messaging that better serves the mission and purpose of an organization, and increases interest and engagement.

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